Come Now Our King


There is this song that has stuck with me. The holidays started and with it came the music, fa, la, las and jingle bells , but this song, this song has stuck with me.


Come Now our King by Chris August


The song starts and primes my heart.

 Bethlehem turns in tonight
A town led up by candle lights
All the children tucked in tight
Bethlehem turns in tonight

Yes, Lord. I am ready.

The Angels start their whispering
About the one they’re welcoming
No one knows what’s soon to be
Angels start their whispering

The anticipation. The anticipation of the angels. The heavens knew what this meant. They knew this was everything. This was victory. The angels knew.  Yes, Lord.

They sing glory
In the highest
Come now our king
We’ve been
Come now our king

The chorus starts. They sing glory in the highest. Yes, Lord. Glory in the highest. May all of me sing Glory in the highest. And here it is y’all. Come now our king, we’ve been waiting, Come now our king. 

This is the thing about God, you don’t know you’ve been waiting until He is there. You don’t know until He is there right in front of you saying, Come to Me, come to Me, every part of you, come to Me.

I’m here, Lord.

Glory oh glory
You came here to save
Oh Lord we’ve been waiting so
Come now our king

Glory, Lord, Glory, you came here to save and we say thank you.

Now my night has turned to day
An empty manger, empty grave
Baby born so I could say
Now my night has turned to day

This. Now my night has turned to day. You have taken me from the night and brought me into day. An empty manger, empty grave. Yes, Lord. Thank you for getting up. This is Love y’all. Empty manger, empty grave. Love. Baby born so I could say, Now my night has turned to day  

Sweet baby boy. You came so I could say that my night has been turned to day. You came to give me hope. You came to give me life. You came. Thank you.

Come now our king

Come Now Our King. Come Lord Jesus wrapped in cloths and wrapped in love. Come Lord Jesus. Come and make us. Come and take us. Lead us. Speak to us. Love us. Come Now our King. Come and take our hurts and sorrows. Come and make us new. Come and hold us. Come now our King. Come and make us into the people you want us to be. Come and shine through us. Come Lord Jesus, Come. We want you and we need you. Come Lord Jesus. Come and heal our hurt. Come and shine into us. Come Lord Jesus. Come and break the things in our lives that hold us back.  Come, Lord, Come.




When I say Roll Tide


In August of 2008 my life changed forever.

I moved to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to attend the University of Alabama after living in Tennessee my entire life. I didn’t have prior connections to the university. I visited and fell in love.


I remember walking through the SUPE store with my brother and he asked me, “What does the 12 stand for on the helmet?” I looked at him, probably in horror, and said, “SHHH!! I don’t know and that is something you are supposed to know”. When people started setting up for the first home game and their were RVs waiting to take my parking spot and tents popping up everywhere, I called my mom and said, ” You would NOT believe this”. I could not believe it. When people would yell Roll Tide, I would giggle a little and be slightly embarrassed. I mean I was all for some team spirit but ,come on, in public that’s embarrassing. And of course I had no idea that I was supposed to loathe Auburn. So, pretty much, I had NO idea what Alabama football entailed when I moved to Tuscaloosa. But come Fall, this football way of life takes over the campus, the state, and the people, and soon enough I was taken with it. Somewhere in the midst of crimson, I fell in love again. The people who were saying Roll Tide were becoming my people, my friends, my family. Soon enough, I said, “Roll Tide”.

2982_1048262936006_3376500_n                  40864_438218347055_4638412_n

Here’s the thing.. I know a lot of people really don’t like Alabama and roll their eyes when my people or myself say, “Roll Tide”. I understand that when the team you love loses and some Alabama fan says, “Roll Tide” in your face it annoys you. It would annoy me too. But the thing is, when I say, “Roll Tide”, it’s so much more than two words and trying to get in your face.

148639_1479432234969_6611047_n           228685_1717654310372_727013_n

When I say Roll Tide, it’s unpacking my dorm room trying to hold back tears because I just left everything i’ve ever known. When I say Roll Tide, it’s becoming a woman, meeting some of the best friends I have ever had and making some wonderful memories with them. When I say Roll Tide, it’s feeling heart break and being restored again. When I say Roll Tide, it’s memories that are no longer in picture frames and some that still are. It’s meeting Jesus. Saying Roll Tide at one time would have been embarrassing but not anymore because when I say Roll Tide, it’s home.

IMG_2695                     IMG_0241

quick moments


Sometimes at work it’s easy to get stuck in the here and now and focus only what I see at that very moment, like: i’ve told him to stop climbing 100 tomes today, she bit someone again, there is another temper tantrum. Then something happens, you have a moment with a child that changed everything. It puts every back into perspective, it reminds you why you do this. I had one of these on Thursday of last week. We do a lot of potty training, A LOT, and it’s all a process and each child’s process is different. This child I was working with on Thursday has quite a long process, and he likes to sing while he goes tee tee. After he got done we were working on putting his shoes back on and he starts to sing, “row, row, row your boat”. I start singing softly with him, ” Gently down the stream” and this moment begins to happen. We finish the song and he looks up and says, “sing it again” , so looking right into his eyes I softly start to sing, “row, row, row your boat” and he looks right back into my eyes with a big smile and starts to sing it with me.

I don’t know if you’ve ever had a “moment” like this with a child or what your “moments” are like , so let me try to explain this spectacular thing to you. You might be holding a child, looking them in the eyes, rocking them to sleep, playing with them and in a tiny moment you share a piece of yourself with them. No words have to be spoken and in that still moment you and that child are the only things around and they can feel your love and you can feel theirs.

So, here we are singing softly having this moment and it doesn’t matter that World War 3 could be breaking out behind me. He says, “one last time” and we sing again. We finish singing and he comes up to me and hugs me and off he goes to play and the moment is over. But it’s enough to put it all back into perspective and that i’m thankful for.

my people


It’s cold tonight and for that I am thankful because that makes it more Christmas-like. Can you believe that Jesus’ birthday is 5 days away? At work we have been talking about Christmas and that was when Jesus was born. There is joy in hearing a 2-year-old respond to the question of whose birthday is on Christmas with, “Baby Jesus!”.



Before I graduated I was ready to go anywhere. I felt like I could handle going anywhere, even home. I wasn’t so sure about staying in Tuscaloosa. I always thought I would leave, I mean who stays here after college? My friend is approaching graduation in the new year and was voicing her concerns of change with me. She made a point about doing what was easy and doing what she thought she needed to do and oh- how I understand this. It would have been easy for me to leave. It would have been easy to stop here and go somewhere else and start over. No one would be leaving me, I would be leaving them. I can handle that. I’ve done that. That is easy. Staying here for me isn’t so easy, it’s saying that I know that people are going to come and undeniably leave. It saying that even though most of my support group left, I will stay because God is enough and he will provide what I need and who I need. What I have come to see as the semester has unfolded is that He is faithful, so faithful.

I was at the River walk running the other day and found myself completely at home. There was a family playing on a new playground, an older couple walking, the farmers market, a couple of friends walking, and other runners. I could feel the Spirit telling me, “See, these are your people”. They are my people and this is my place. And for that I say Thank you, Jesus.

I posted a couple of months ago about making it a goal to run a half marathon by August of 2013. Well, I’m one step closer because I have sign up for one. I am running the inaugural Tuscaloosa Half Marathon! How perfect, right? I’m running with and for my people. 🙂

Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground. Psalm 143:10



nap time


She sits on my lap and looks at me with this grin on her face and kind of giggles. I shhh her because it’s nap time and, well, I can only have so many on my lap. She looks up again and giggles. She knows she is getting away with not napping and i’m okay with that. I let her watch clips from Disney movies on my Iphone and she starts to yawn so I tell her to lean on my chest. She does and it melts my heart. While she is in her own comfortable little world on my lap I start to pray for her. As we sit there together, our hearts are being bonded through Jesus and the fact that I know that He has her in His hands. I can’t say for sure, but she will probably not be in my life forever, I won’t always be able to pull her into my lap, but He will.

The same God that loves me, loves her with the same intensity. He loves you that way too.

AHH this is why I love my job and i’m so thankful that I could be here in this moment and know her, know the other ten little ones in my class.

God is so faithful, y’all.

The days that matter most


Hey guys!

I was running yesterday and started thinking about how I had gotten to this point in my running journey and thought I would share.

I kind of shared in my last blog post about this summer and how it was quite difficult for me. I got to a point in the summer where I had to do something. Honestly, I dug myself into this hole of seclusion and was not myself because I was scared. I was reading a book
at the time and the author kept talking about making list. So, I thought I would make a list of things, goals, to reach for throughout the year (aug. 2012-aug. 2013). Some of them I feel in my heart I need to do to be the person God created me to be ,others are personal goals that I want to achieve.

Number 2 on that list: run a half marathon

Some of you that know me, know that I enjoy running. Yesterday my run was one of those where you feel like you could run across the state and then turn around. It felt great, But all days aren’t like that. Earlier this week I was telling someone I work with about a push run( this is what I call the runs I really have to push myself for a specific goal). Seriously, during this run I thought I was fighting my body with each stride. There are other days when my body is tired and I don’t go as fast as normal.

I realized yesterday that although I hate those days, I need those days. I need those days because I need to know that I can fight through, that I can keep going. So, when I run the half marathon and I’m at mile 10 and my body feels like it can’t take another step, I will. I will keep going because I will know that my body and mind can keep going. Don’t get me wrong, I need the good days too. I need to know that I’ve trained hard enough that my body can go and feel good doing it.

It hits me yesterday while thinking about this that this happens in my life too. I have bad days. I can see days in my head and the anguish in those days. I can name some of these by date and how I wasn’t sure in the moment I would make it to the next day. But I did. I need those days. Jesus knows I need those days. I need those days to know I am not strong enough alone, I need those days to show me He is strong enough. And y’all He is strong enough!

Have a great day!!!